Terms and conditions

By requesting a model, you agree to these Terms and Conditions:

For any further questions about the Terms and Conditions please contact bränninen on Discord or via email (branninen@gmail.com)

Terms and conditions last updated: 18.12.2023

Frequently asked questions

Do the models work with Roblox physics or C-Frame?

All models only consist of meshes and Roblox Studio parts. They do not come included with any scripting for Roblox physics or C-Frame. (See Terms and Conditions section 4)

How many revisions do I have?

Some elements of the model can be revised once during the modeling process. Please keep in mind you cannot request an amount of detail exceeding your purchased pricing tier. Revisions are not possible after exporting to Roblox Studio. (See terms section 5)

Do the models come with working restraints?

Models that include restrains will have their mesh exported separately thus making rotation animation of the restrains for each row. Models do not come with an animation script.

Do the models work with Physically Based Rendering Textures (PBR)?

Only on Value and Premium models: Sections of models that require custom textures will be UV unwrapped thus being compatible with PBR textures. All elements of models will be compatible with Roblox Studio Textures.

Will the coasters fit my track?

To ensure that ride vehicles fit your track, a short piece of track will be requested in order to scale the ride vehicle correctly. On-demand models have been modelled for different Roblox track sizes, but can be optionally edited to fit your ride with markup in price depending on the model.

Can I change the colours of the model later?

Mostly yes. All meshes can be recoloured in Roblox studio easily, just select the mesh in the explorer and change its colour in the properties panel. This does not apply to PBR textures which cannot be recoloured without creating a new texture. If that's the case for you, let me know and a new texture can be created for you.

Can I have more rows on my track ride vehicle?

I export all track ride vehicles in a way that the purchaser can change the number of cars on each train. Just duplicate the back / middle car to extend the lenght.

For any further questions please contact bränninen on Discord or via email (branninen@gmail.com)