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Hey there!

My name is Onni, better known as Bränninen. I’m a 17-year-old guy from Finland. I love playing music, roller coasters, and all kinds of content creation be it making youtube videos or 3D modelling. Thank you so much for visiting! 

On-Demand Products

Looking for trains in a hurry? This is the right place!

On-Demand Products are just as my custom commissioned models, but available to everyone and obtainable in hours!

Alternative Pricing: Price in Robux Price in USD (Price does not include PayPal transaction fees)

Vekoma Trains 4300 R$ $ 10

Custom Monorail 7300  R$ $ 18

B&M Floorless Trains 7300  R$ $ 18

Intamin LSM Trains 10600  R$ $ 25

Millennium Flyer Trains 10600  R$ $ 25

PTC Wooden Trains 3000  R$ $ 7

Looking for something Special?

Custom commissioned models are the best way to get get your hands on premium ride vehicles tailored to your exact specifications. Be it recreations of real life roller coaster trains or something brand new and innovative, custom ride vehicle models are a great investment if you are looking to improve the quality of assets in your game.

Read more about Custom Models and choose the perfect option for you!

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